While at the Conference

We are very pleased to welcome you to Porto.

Lisboa ISCTE has several research and collaborative centers that make the link with the external environment. On of them is AUDAX ISCTE, the center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship which will organize the AIMAC Conference.

Lisboa ISCTE, students find not only a robust intellectual tradition, with mentorship from teaching staff involved in cutting-edge research, but also a vibrant, multicultural environment. Of the approximately 13 000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, nearly 20% are international, coming from 80 different countries.

Furthermore, the university is actively engaged in collaborative projects, networks and partnerships around the world, including a range of Art Market, Cultural and Art Management, Managing Art and Cultural Heritage in Global Markets programs since 2007. This last program is supported by the European Union - Erasmus Mundus.

Through its commitment to internationalization, innovative research and education, ISCTE prepares its students for competitive careers and thoughtful lives in the 21st century.

The University campus of Lisboa ISCTE is located roughly 10 minutes away from the city center and the Lisbon airport and very well connected by public transportation.

The quickest option is usually the yellow subway line via the station Entrecampos. There are also many buses which go to Entrecampos.

Lisboa ISCTE concentrates its main activities in a single campus. All the buildings were built in the last 4 decades, so they have all the appropriate functionalities for teaching, study and research.

With 497 seats, the characteristics of the master class auditorium allow the mounting of large events and shows.

In the Lisboa ISCTE Campus there are many classrooms of different size from 25 to 250 people.

Registration - Arrive early to the Conference to do your registration. Be practical and use your mobile phone with the QR code that was sent to you by email.

Conference Badge - All participants must collect a name badge from the registration desk at the Conference venue's main entrance. To ensure security, wearing the badge is mandatory throughout the Conference including at social program events.

WiFi - WiFi service will be available during the Conference. Access the network indicated.

Cloakroom - There is a cloakroom available during the Conference opening hours.