Conference Tour

Nada “pode perder de vista” em Coimbra

The conference starts on 23rd. There will be a welcome cocktail to the participants.

On Tuesday 25th, there will be a gala dinner.

On 26th there will be an opportunity to get to know Lisbon's surroundings, including a tour to Queluz Palace and its gardens. The return journey will be made along the riverfront, from Estoril to Lisbon. 

(até 30 de abril)
(a partir de 01 de maio)
Accompanying guests
included in the registration fee

All tickets include bus trip from and to the venue, guided visit to Palácio de Queluz, and a drive-by tour from Estoril.

Estoril Beach – 15km from Lisbon
Brasileira – a traditional coffee Shop
Delicious Pastel de nata (custard tart) - famous Lisbon cake