Before the Conference

The International Association of Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC) is an international network of researchers in arts and cultural management. The Association's main activity is a biennial research conference held in various cities around the world.

Knowledge in the discipline of arts management cannot develop without the contributions of both researchers and practitioners. Through its conferences, AIMAC provides a forum for the exchange of insights and perspectives in this field of study. It offers researchers the opportunity to present the results of their most recent research, to discuss ideas face-to-face and to learn about the latest developments in cultural management.

The International Association of Arts and Cultural Management also participates in the publication of the International Journal of Arts Management, published by the Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management of HEC Montreal. This refereed journal is intended for art managers, consultants, educators, researchers, and civil servants in the field of arts and cultural management. It presents the latest research and developments in the field.